May 27, 2021

14 Eye-Catching Cowboy Boot Pictures and Images

This post is for those that love boots. Enjoy this gallery of 14 eye-catching cowboy boot pictures and images. A lot of folks like to collect and fill up their closets with a variety of this type of footwear.

pictures of cowboy boots photo

Nice image of many different styles of old cowboy boots stored on the shelf. How many pair do you own?

I count 20 different boot styles in the picture above. Have you collected this many yet?


What makes a good shoe?

You need a pair from a high quality maker, great leather, hard soles and simple colors.

Gallery of Cowboy Boot Pictures

This type of footwear is part of Americana and harkens back to the days of cowboys and the Old West. Enjoy these pictures of cowboy boots, showing different styles and colorings.

Think back, and imagine yourself riding the trails west to the unknown and wild territories.

Want to take photos like these? Photographers will often practice their craft with many different types of still life subjects.

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This style of Americana is often photographed and enjoyed by photographers and collectors.

Closeup of Reddish Cowboy Boot

cowboy boot pictures

Oh, the tales these shoes could tell.

Boots and Hat

cowboy boots and hat image

This is a very nice studio portrait of the still life scene of hat and boots. The overall brown color tones sets the mood well in the photo. Excellent lighting was used by the photographer.

Snakeskin Cowboy Boots


snakeskin cowboy boots picture

This image reminds me of a pair of python snakeskin boots I had many years ago. I loved them.

Old Cowboy Boots

old cowboy boots picture

This pair has certainly seen better days. However, how much fun do you think it was to wear these guys out? Many days on the trail, or better yet, out with friends on the town. What do you think, should these be re-soled, or traded in for a new pair. I say, keep these for the memories, and get a new pair.

Cowboy on Horse in the Saddle – Closeup

cowboy in saddle, boots in stirrups photo

This image shows a somewhat closeup view of the boot in the stirrup. Of course, the working cowboy is wearing chaps too. Gotta get them animals into the corral before supper.

Cowboys on the Fence

group of cowboys boots photo

Great silhouette picture of a group cowboys sitting on the fence near sundown. Now, you know they have all got to be wearing a great pair of boots.

Cowboy Boots and Hat

cowboy hat and boots picture

This is a vivid studio portrait of the still life picture. The hat resting on top of the black boots could tell of a cowboy done from a long day’s work on the range. Gonna get some shut eye, and do it all over again tomorrow.

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Aguila Cowboy Boots and Jeans

Aguila cowboy boots pictures

Photo by Bootsendra


Snakeskin Boots Against a Fence

picture of cowboy boots photo

Nice outdoor still life picture of snakeskin leather boots. You can take a photograph something like this one too. Find a rustic looking wooden fence and wrought iron. Place your footwear in the placement you like best and wait for the perfect lighting. A little fill light from your camera will open the shadows nicely.

Guitar and Cowboy Boots

picture of cowboy boots and guitar photo

A cadillac, guitar and blue boots. It is quite the picture.

Black and Silver Boot

cowboy boots photo

Nice picture of black boots with silver detail design.

Cowboy Boots and Leather Pants

cowboy boots photo

Photo by Bootsendra

This guy is just chillin’ in his sharp looking outfit.

Tony Lama Boots while Driving the Truck

Picture of Tony Lama cowboy boots photo

Photo by robertstinnett

I hope you enjoyed this gallery of cowboy boot pictures and photographic images.

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