May 27, 2021

Buy the World’s Largest Write On Map Mural

World's Largest Write on Map Mural

The World’s Largest Write On Map Mural, (item# 66554), is a beautiful wall decor piece that entertains and educates. You can buy it online today for your home, office or school room. This accurately detailed mural of the world is the largest write-on wall decor piece you can buy. It measures 8′ 8″ High x 13′ Long.

One of the nice things about this item from Hammacher Schlemmer, is that it is constructed into eight panels. These map mural panels can be placed up on the wall individually, or all together. Why is this great? Because, while some people will have the wall space to accommodate all of the pieces together to make a single map, others may want to place panels up so that they are displayed on different walls or to wrap around a corner.


The gorgeous eight color decor and educational piece features and showcases capitals, major cities, countries, time zones, nautical miles, shipping lanes, ocean depths, political boundaries and more. The surface is laminated, so you can mark the surface with dry-erase markers. The product comes with simple instructions and the adhesive needed for hanging on your wall. Check it out.

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