May 28, 2021

Best Memory Boosting Games – Brain Power Games

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If  you feel like you are having a hard time focusing and remembering certain things, it may be time to try some memory boosting games for improved brain power. As we age many believe that the brain must age and decline too. Many may experience conditions or symptoms that they describe as Brain Fog. However, many health experts may recommend that you practice and exercise your brain by playing memory-boosting games, such as those from There is a belief among some health professionals that when you spend a lifetime keeping your brain busy, that it may help to fortify and grow additional brain connections that may help your cognitive abilities and to possibly help slow down the symptoms of dementia. As the brain ages, it is harder for the brain to take in and process new information. By exercising your memory and cognitive skills may help to keep your mental abilities sharp and focused. You can exercise your brain to put your mental abilities on a fitness program to keep yourself more alert, along with good ways to improve your memory.

The brain functions start to decline around 30 years of age for many people, but baby boomers, seniors or the elderly probably feel most of the decline in focus. Training the brain is something that most people can explore and see if it helps. When you seek out different options, many may play crossword puzzles, sudoku and brain teaser games. Many of these can be found online either free to play, or subscriptions with a charge. Some of the more involved brain training programs follow.

Best Memory Boosting Games

• Brain Fitness Program: (
• Keep Your Brain Alive: (
• Lumosity Brain Training Games: (
• Happy Neuron Brain Fitness Games: (
• Mindfit: (
• Posit Science Brain Games: (
• Freebies – online games

• Fun activities for seniors
• Online games for free
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Video: Brain Health Tips to Increase You Memory, Concentration and Attention

This video illustrates some tips to improve your brain health and ways to help protect memories from dementia, sharpen concentration and increase your memory.

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