May 28, 2021

Airtran Airways Reservations, Check In, Flight Status Information

Looking for facts on Airtran Airways? Learn how to get the information you need on reservations, flight schedules, check in, flight status, boarding pass and more at Read this brief overview for more facts.

Also learn how to find discounts, coupons and specials for even more savings.

This low cost airline provides travellers with unique and affordable flight options across the U.S.


Recently AirTran Airways was acquired by and became an operating unit of Southwest Airlines. The company has consistently ranked as the one of the highest rated low cost air carriers in the U.S. The company has announced that the two air carriers will continue to operate as two distinct and separate airlines.

The merger allows for an expansion into additional travel markets to increase customer choices.

The low cost air carrier completes more than 1,000 air flights each day. Travelers can choose departures from over 60 cities.

Airtran Airways Reservations, Check-In and Flight Status

For specific information regarding a ticket purchase, booking flights, flight schedules, boarding passes, reservation account login, making reservations, check-in or flight service to a specific location, look no further than their official website.

AirTran Reservations Login:

The webpage where members can login and sign in to their Air Trans A+ Rewards member account online is located at Once there, registered members can gain access to their accounts by entering their ‘Member ID’ and Password.

Not a Member Yet?

If you are not yet a member, you can register at the same website page. A+ Rewards members receive additional benefits, savings opportunities, rewards and the possibility to earn credits toward free travel.

More services available from AirTran includes:

  1. Make ticket reservations at You can also make your flight reservations over the phone for an additional fee. You can call 800-247-8726,
  2. Customers can check in online at


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Airfare Specials and Discounts:

In addition to low cost airfare tickets and passes, customers may also be able to get even lower prices and discounts from the airline. At their website, they constantly offer ‘Web Deals’, Last Minute Travel Deals, Air Trans specials and discounted ticket fares to popular destinations.

You may even be able to find money saving AirTran coupons at third party coupon savings websites such as, and Other travel deals such as Expedia coupons and coupon codes may help you to lower your flight and travel costs.

Video: How AirTran Wraps a Plane

This video discusses the graphic design wraps that have been put onto some of their airplanes and how they do it.

Update on Merger:

Airtran Airways is now owned by Southwest Aircraft now.


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