Blue Lobster – What is It?

image of blue lobster

If you have never seen a live blue lobster or seen a picture of one, you may think people were crazy who said that there is such a lobster color. Well, do not worry, blue lobsters are real. Viewing photos of these curious critters makes you wonder how in the world it ever turned blue. Many people may think that lobsters are red. In fact, they may be dark greenish, white albino, yellow, dark brown … [Read more...]

Orca Whale Photos and Posters


See beautiful photos and posters of the ever popular Orca Whale. Watching and viewing orca whales, or maybe they are better known as Killer Whales, on TV and in pictures is a wonderful experience. But to be able to see and view them in the wild must be an extraordinary Killer Whale watching experience. However, when viewing in the wild make sure you are in a large boat, plane or … [Read more...]