Pandora Files for Initial Public Offering – Pandora IPO

If you like to listen to the radio over the internet, then you have probably heard of, or maybe even listened to the internet radio service provided at The parent company, Pandora Media, Inc. has filed the required registration statement with the SEC in regards to their intentions to issue a public stock offering. The company has yet to officially declare the number of shares they … [Read more...]

Apophis Asteroid – Will it Strike Earth in 2036?

"Image Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech."

There has been a lot of chatter and concern over an asteroid named Apophis that is predicted to orbit close to Earth in 2029, but not strike Earth; and then come back to Earth in 2036 with a very real chance of striking our planet. Is there anything to these projections? Well it is hard to say, but there are scientists that claim the 2036 orbit does stand a very real chance to impact Earth. See … [Read more...]

DNA Genes May Cause Caffeine Cravings


People consume caffeine from different food sources such as coffee, chocolate, tea and other beverages. The amount of caffeine we crave could depend upon our DNA genes. Recent research suggests a connection between two gene varieties and the amount of caffeine the person consumes. So the next time you reach for another cup of coffee or chocolate bar, you may not be able to blame it on lack of … [Read more...]

PTSD – Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Risk May Have Genetic Link


A new study suggests a link between genetics and a woman's risk to develop PTSD or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Research scientists state that they have isolated a gene and its protein, that may cause a relationship and increased risk of certain women to develop PTSD, especially after a high stress situation. The potential genetic link relates to a hormone that is found in women's blood. The … [Read more...]

High Fiber Diet May Reduce Risk of Death

high fiber diet and health benefits

If your diet consists of lots of fiber, it may reduce your risk of dying from various diseases. A new study has found that people who maintain high-fiber diets may reduce their risk of death and lengthen the numbers of years that they live. Some of the diseases where risk of death decreases by eating a high-fiber diet includes respiratiory disease, heart disease, infections, diabetes and certain … [Read more...]

NFL Labor Talks not going Well – Will there be a NFL Players Lockout?

empty football field bleachers

It is being reported that the NFL labor talks have been canceled and put on hold, which also brings up  the notion that a players' lockout has a significant chance of becoming a reality. What is causing this concern you might ask? In a nutshell, the NFL football players want more money than what the NFL team owners want to pay out. Over the years we have seen several payment disagreements in the … [Read more...]